With any commitment to legislation on social care reform notable by its absence in the Queen’s Speech yesterday, clearly the Government has chosen once more to kick this pressing issue into the long grass.

Responsibility for delivering quality care rests on the shoulders of local government

The issue of social care was a significant challenge for councils up and down the country long before the pandemic. Covid-19 has brought its own additional pressures to bear upon the sector. Given that centrally steered change clearly isn’t coming any time soon, the responsibility for delivering quality care, for those who need it most, still rests squarely on the shoulders of local government. Commissioners are faced with the challenge of delivering outcomes and improving wellbeing in the face of less money, increased demand, higher expectations and workforce shortages.

Cost of care must be affordable, reasonable and fair

While local authorities have to save money wherever they can, the price paid for social care needs to reflect the true cost of high quality and appropriate care provision. Good commissioning practice requires an in-depth understanding of both the market and provider costs incurred in running a business. Providers must have sufficient cash flow to service costs and also a sufficient return to ensure the long-term sustainability of the business – meaning the outcome of any cost of care exercise has to be affordable, reasonable and, most importantly fair.

We have always believed that keeping it local is the secret to delivering a system that works, both for local councils and care providers, to make sure the most vulnerable are protected. We believe that locally informed cost and quality modelling, based on actual costs incurred by providers removes some of the challenges presented by national models.

Six step approach to determining cost of care

Underpinned by our two core values, collaboration and evidence, we have a six step approach to determining the fair cost of care. We have put considerable resource into accurate and fair market assessments for many clients. Take a look at our cost of care brochure to get a better understanding of the approach we adopt to improve the sustainability of local care markets whilst increasing value for money for commissioners.

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