The people aspects of developing a commercial culture can often be the sticking point for any organisation wanting to undergo a change programme. Structures, technology and processes are visible, culture and behaviours are not and therefore can be overlooked.

At C.Co we’ve worked with many teams who have faced this issue and they felt that culture change can be a ‘dark art’. But watch our 10 minute guide to help you recognise that you can treat culture as a science not an art and, by applying a methodology, identify the key elements of your organisation’s behaviours that needs to change.

We can help you maximise the success of your commercial aspirations by addressing your people issues – whether you’re looking to launch a new venture, inspire your team to step up a gear in an existing business or simply to help you understand the blockers to delivering a more commercial way of doing things.

We will work with you to diagnose the root causes of anything preventing people behaving in a commercial way and help develop a practical action plan to allow you to succeed.

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