How confident are you that you can deliver on your strategic plans and achieve your priority outcomes?

VRUs aren’t short of plans and ideas about what they need to do. However, delivery takes time, skills, resource and will. Do you have the confidence that you have all the right pieces in place to deliver what you need, and in the necessary timescales?

At CIPFA C.Co we are working across the public sector to deliver on their commitments and help organisations make sure it happens. Our team have years of practical experience of delivery and know what works.

Our Rapid Delivery Diagnosis is a cost-effective way for you to get peace of mind with any of the difficult issues that are keeping you awake – from whole organisational change through to individual service issues, including commercialisation and new delivery models.

Our reviews typically take five working days and provide you with a practical diagnostic that will show you issues, risks and gaps and produce workable ways to mitigate them.

We are registered on frameworks with Bloom, ESPO and Crown Commercial Service Two so it is quick and simple to engage us.

For further information or a conversation please call us on 07384 698220 or email SpeakToUs@WeAreC.Co