There is no single solution to the complex challenge of the current Health and Care crisis. A variety of interventions, partnership activities and improvements are required.

Sustainable solutions to maximise community care capacity and supporting speed of discharge from hospital are key

Assurance lies at the heart of the work of ICS leaders. The provision of all health and social care involves risks. Being assured is fundamental to successfully controlling risk. C.Co has the expertise and experience to increase your confidence and assurance that your community care resources are being deployed at their optimal efficiency.

Join us on Wednesday 15th March at 9.30am for a 45-minute webinar to hear from our panel of experts:

  • Donna Hall, Integrated Health & Care Systems Advisor
  • Jo Richardson, NHS Improvement Lead
  • Natalie Abraham, Managing Director at C.Co
  • Sophie Coles, Senior Manager at C.Co
Who should attend this webinar?

NHS Transformation and/or Place Directors, ICS Partnership Leads, Chief Executives, Heads of Adult Social Work and Directors of Adult Services

To book your place for this free webinar session, please go to eventbrite.