By Sophie Coles

Consultants often get a bad rap. There is a less than flattering joke that goes something along the lines of ‘a consultant is someone who will borrow your watch and tell you the time, then charge you for it’. While, as in any industry, there are some unscrupulous people out there, if you find the right match for your organisation, the benefits a consultant can bring are numerous and far-reaching.

The benefits of using an external consultant

Consultants work with many different organisations and can often bring knowledge and best practice from other sectors. At its simplest, a consultant offers a fresh pair of eyes to a challenge. They are independent, objective and experienced at effecting change. With their distance from the internal workings of an organisation, they can see the bigger picture and offer a different perspective. They can also bring new insights and expertise in development of strategies; offering unique solutions that reflect the individual circumstances and aspirations of the business.  Another benefit is the focused approach that they can provide. By bringing in someone external, they can concentrate on a single issue, without the distractions of other business challenges.

What makes us different?

We have developed a very diverse team of consultants, each of whom have over 15 years’ individual experience within local government. Our consultants are strategic leaders, and in many cases, they have held transformational roles in local government. With that real world, lived experience, they are well placed to offer private consultancy. As a relatively small consultancy team, we are committed to building genuine relationships and really understanding the challenges our clients face. Our aim is to deliver tangible value, not just talk the talk, as we believe some of the larger consultancies do.

How do we add value?

We offer consultancy on all types of organisational challenges, including strategic development, commercialisation, analysis, business planning, transformation and delivery. Our values centre around understanding our clients’ challenges, sharing our in-depth knowledge and experience, delivering practical and timely support and solutions, and employing talented, committed and capable experts. These values underpin everything we do, enabling us to deliver excellence and satisfy our customers.

By having a small and nimble team, with a diverse range of personalities and skills, we aim to be the anthesis of the massive, corporate, sometimes faceless competition. Contact us to find out more about the support we can provide your organisation.