Wirral Council
Following the launch of the Wirral Growth Company and the departure of a senior director in December 2017, Wirral Council recognised the need and opportunity to restructure its senior leadership team and thereby the structure of the whole Council in order to meet the new ambitions for the Borough.

The objectives of the restructure were to provide a more focused senior structure; to develop a more cohesive and stronger corporate core of services to enable, support and hold to account the rest of the organisation for their delivery; to more closely align commissioning and delivery functions; to secure the skills required to achieve its ambitions; to eliminate ‘silo working’; and to provide clear accountability for the delivery of its pledges and strategies.

Working closely with the Chief Executive, C.Co was able to facilitate visioning, understand and capture the requirements of the Council and present back a structure that created new directorates, realigned functionality and created new roles where gaps existed. The new structure readies Wirral Council not only for the significant challenges that many Councils face but enables it to exploit the opportunities that the Wirral Growth Company will bring. It ultimately provides and enables the delivery of services for the benefit of Wirral’s residents and visitors.

C.Co worked with the Chief Executive on the formal reporting to Elected Members and delivered a full suite of consultation documents, which included job role descriptors for all new roles in the structure, all to time, quality and cost. C.Co facilitated consultation feedback and has worked closely with the Council’s own HR team to ensure that the recruitment process is transparent and robust.

Overall, the restructure is contributing to the Council’s £750k savings from senior management and will enable further efficiencies and savings across the wider Council.

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