Any high performing organisation, whether in the private or public sector, always makes a point of continuous improvement. In order to continuously improve, it is essential to constantly review and, crucially, be prepared to change at pace. If change is urgent, it is all too easy for an organisation to lose its way and, in implementing change, lose sight of the overall strategy.

At C.Co, we specialise in providing change management solutions that will lead to the transformation of our clients’ performance, while keeping focused on strategy. Finding the right corporate governance processes is at the heart of these solutions. Our team comprises sector experts when it comes to critiquing these processes.

In order to address our clients’ very specific and individual needs, an important part of our service is the portfolio of diagnostic tools we can provide. We refer to this Healthcheck toolkit as the three Ds – Diagnostics, Development and Delivery. Depending on the client’s needs, we may deploy one, two or all three of these Ds. Here, we are going to look at Diagnostics.

Diagnosing the issues

Once we understand exactly what is happening on the ground, we can then provide solutions to move forward, taking into consideration all of the challenges our client is facing. The healthcheck is very unlikely to only produce negative feedback. An important part of the Diagnostics stage is actually to identify where our client is getting things right. It is then a question of making sure that these successes are maximised and built upon wherever possible.

We start with a total appraisal of everything, carefully geared towards each client’s brief. This means looking at personnel at every level, from strategy deliverers to those on the front line of service delivery. We review business strategy and plans, KPIs, contracts, governance and more. Our collaborative approach is particularly important to us and we approach every brief from a number of different angles, taking into consideration the Board, shareholders, commissioners and contract managers.

When it comes to transformational change, it is vitally important to take key stakeholders with you, involving them with every step. Engaging with them is one of the best ways to gather information about the current situation. We can learn what their aspirations are for the future too.

Evidence-based solutions

When we have built an evidence base, we are well placed to help clients decide what to do next. We work with clients collaboratively to identify and explore the best options for improvement that are in line with the overall corporate strategy. We always make sure our recommendations are made alongside their potential impacts. These range from costs and savings to advantages and disadvantages of implementation. Very often, although we are brought in to look at some fundamental governance issues, we end up carrying out a root and branch review.

As CIPFA’s collaborative change management consultancy, we pride ourselves on delivering positive change, in a value-driven, collaborative and evidence-driven way. Contact our team to find out how we can help you.